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Midwifery Preceptor Survey

1. Many education programs are limited in ability to pay preceptors for services in the development of new midwives. Ideally if you could be compensated, what would you consider to be fair compensation per semester?

2. What alternative amenities would you like for providing clinical supervision for midwifery students?
Library Access
Course Syllabi access
CE hours for precepting students
Certificate of Recognition
Adjunct Faculty Status
Annual Dinner
Annual Award
Travel Assistance
ACNM disciount for Annual Meeting
Pager Service
PDA program
Parking Compensation
Assistance from students for needed projects
Service from students to promote the practice to the public
Inclusion in education curriculum development
Submission of credentials to only 1 ed program

3. Do you feel that students are prepared for clinical experiences when you begin the preceptor role?

4. What should students practice/know before starting with you?
Advanced Health Assessment
Management course for prenatal care
Management course from intrapartum care
Advanced electronic fetal monitoring
Management of newborn care
Management of common health problems

5. Do you think a standardized evaluation form would be useful to you?

6. How often should a standardized evaluation form be completed?
Every contact
Every other contact
Twice a semester
Once a semester

7. Would a checklist of reasons to contact academic faculty be useful to you?

8. How often do you expect to have contact with academic faculty?
Once per semester
Twice per semester
Once during the program
Twice during the program

9. How would you prefer contact with the academic faculty?
1 2 3 Not Ranked
On-site Visit
Phone conference
  • On-site Visit

  • Phone conference

  • Email

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